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Meat and fish

The Cretans prefer mutton and goat meat to beef. They practice controlled breeding. It is common to meet herds on the roads, going from one field to another, without a shepherd. Sheep know the way to shelters or fields.

This is traditional breeding, but what makes the difference is the quality of the feed ingested by the animals. This is what makes their milk, their flesh, incomparable and very tasty.

The "Antecristo" is a slow, vertical method of cooking meat, and allows to preserve, even to enhance the flavors of the flesh. This is how lamb and goat are offered in the best taverns. This is one of the first cooking methods used by shepherds in mountain huts (mitato).

White meats are also part of the Cretan Diet. Chicken and rabbit are regularly eaten on Cretan tables.

Some meats are available in different preparations, such as Apaki: pieces of pork smoked on herbs, which give them an unparalleled flavor.

Crete is an island, but its inhabitants have always favored lands near the mountains, fertile and promising. Coastal areas were very often vulnerable to looting.

Small fishing villages have however managed to retain their advantages: Kissamos, Kalives, Plaka, Agia Gallini in the south have developed their reputation around fresh fish and ancestral recipes.

Small downside: fish is expensive in Crete, unfortunately! Very few fishermen, the job is hard ... Which accentuates the scarcity.


Snails are a typical and customary dish of the Cretan Diet. Most of the time, they are served with a fresh tomato sauce, zucchini and potatoes. They are boiled and then fried with herbs.

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