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One day at the farm

 with Velina and Michail

Michail is a Cretan guy, a tall fellow of 1.80 m, who drives his flock every morning to the foot of Psiloritis, the highest mountain on the island (2546 m).

Vélina is Greek, she loves to cook and has learned all the tricks  with her grand-mother, who make Greek cuisine unique in the world. She knows all the secrets of the famous "Cretan diet".


Their history goes stronger and stronger, thanks to their love of authenticity and the environment, which they have in common, but also thanks to their creativity.


These are the "NEW GENERATION" farmers , who have created an AUTO-PRODUCTIVE farm and who share with you their secrets, the time of your stay with them, at their side.



A long way in the heart of the olive trees will direct you to their farm.

From this journey, you will take the time to appreciate (siga, siga (gently, gently), the Cretan nature, its generosity, its calm and diversity.


We offer you an experience out of the ordinary.


Two essential places to discover here :


- the self-productive farm

- The self-sufficient guest's house (maximum 12 people).


Here, sheep and cattle live in semi-freedom. Michail produces his cheese, honey, raki, cereals and wheat. Both eat very little meat, following the precepts of the Cretan Diet, to which they have been subjected since childhood, and which suits them well.


The Pithoi (Cretan jars) are buried to better preserve the grapes that will allow you to prepare raki together. The wood oven is ready, and can be used to prepare your bread. Depending on the season, you will taste MIzythra, Graviera, Anthi ... With Vélina, you will prepare tiropitas (cheese slippers) or baklava. You will learn how to get warm without electricity, take a bath or wash your clothes without city water. You will learn how to use the energy that is around you to enhance your comfort needs or warm you up.

Exclusivity for our visitors : 


A special program, adaptable of course, with two options for accommodation :


Farm stay, (maximum 12 people) including :


- accommodation in the self-sufficient house (see photos),

- On-site dinner with farm products, including a cooking lesson with Velina

- morning in the mountains, with Michail and the flock,

- breakfast on the farm, with products,

- activities on the farm, making yogurt, cheese ...


from 300 € for two people, decreasing price depending on the number of people and the number of nights.


Farm Day, including :


accommodation in a guest house, in Zaros,

- dinner in a Cretan village tavern

- breakfast in the guest house

- activities on the farm, depending on the season ...


from 170 € for two people, decreasing price according to the number of people and the number of nights.


Programs can be adapted for groups of friends, associations, business and / or training seminars, coaching retreats, schools. For any specific request, please fill in the form below, with reference STAYJKAMIHIS. An answer will be given to you within 48 hours.

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