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Themed stays, human-sized groups

We have been organizing themed stays in Crete for 15 years.


Intended for curious , benevolent and respectful travelers, wishing to "travel differently",  these stays are renewed and / or improved each year.  It's about adding value to "beach, sun, and tan ..." stays that you don't need us for!

Our themed stays will begin (without obligation of course),  by a Greek course , with GIANNA. "Hello", "Hello", "How much is this product", "thank you" ... O ur speaker, you receive home around a small coffee and dialogue with you. Authenticity and good humor guaranteed! Each of our themed stays is prepared by a Cretan "speaker" or a French-speaking specialist, teacher, professional or passionate about his subject. We have gradually formed this collective, over the years for 15 years ...


Benevolence, mutual aid and solidarity are our watchwords.

Two possible formulas for these themed stays :  


- the VIP formula : with driver throughout the stay, 9-seater, 15-seater or 25-seater vehicle,

- the autonomous formula : vehicle placed at your disposal on your arrival and returned on the day of your departure.

We work in partnership with local guides, on sites such as the Heraklio Museum, the Minoan site of Phaestos, the Venetian city of Chania, the Samaria Gorge ... The guides and activity leaders are natives from the island.

The artisans and small producers that we invite you to discover are local family businesses. Ditto for accommodation and taverns.

We prefer human relationships and authenticity to quantity.



We do not want to work through mass tourism, which brings nothing to the inhabitants of the island.


Welcome to our side, welcome to Crete!

The proposed themes

The themes of our stays change every year ... or even during the year ... We take pleasure in creating, innovating, finding new subjects for discovering the island, new activities. We like meet new people, establish partnerships with new leaders, discover new talents and highlight innovative ideas . We are open to any request and / or suggestion: enriching our offer is one of our priorities. Nevertheless, we know our limits, and will never agree to organize themes that we do not master and / or for which we do not find sufficiently experienced partners.


Likewise, the stays offered to us by an animator,