Themed stays, human-sized groups

We have been organizing themed stays in Crete for 14 years.


Intended for curious , benevolent and respectful travelers , wishing to "travel differently", these stays are renewed and / or improved each year. It's about adding value to “beach, sun, and tan…” stays that you don't need us for!

Our themed stays can begin, if you wish, with a Greek course, in order to teach you the basics. "Hello", "Good evening", "how much does this item cost", "thank you" ... GIANNA , our worker, welcomes you to her home around a small coffee and talks with you. Authenticity and good humor guaranteed! Each of our themed stays is accompanied by a Cretan "speaker" or a French-speaking specialist, teacher, professional or passionate about his subject. We have gradually formed this collective, over the years for 14 years ... Benevolence, mutual aid and solidarity are our key words.

A driver or a French-speaking guide is available to you throughout your stay. We work in partnership with local guides, on sites such as the Heraklio Museum, the Minoan site of Phaestos, the Venetian city of Chania, the Samaria Gorges ... The guides and activity leaders are natives of the island for the most part.

The artisans and small producers that we invite you to discover are local family businesses.

6 to 12 people each make up the themed stays . We prefer human relationships and authenticity to quantity. We do not want to work through mass tourism. It is also possible to organize stays for groups already formed. We will then prepare your program together. Welcome to our side, welcome to Crete !

The themes proposed in 2021

The themes of our stays change every year ... Even during the year ... We take pleasure in creating, innovating, finding new subjects for discovering the island, new activities. We like to meet new people, establish partnerships with new facilitators, discover new talents and highlight innovative ideas . We are open to any request and / or suggestion: enriching our offer is one of our priorities. However, we know our limits, and will never agree to organize themes that we do not master and / or for which we do not find sufficiently experienced partners.


Likewise, stays offered to us by an animator, in the sole financial interest or the sole enhancement of a person, a single place, a selective belief will be refused.

VIP stays + 45 years old

Several stays spread over the year,

at a very gentle pace, in a good mood and relaxation, between people of good company. The over 45s will meet up with each other and discover the rebel island ... Otherwise!


Riddles and Culture:

The Ariadne's thread

It will be a question of solving, in a good mood, puzzles of a mythological, historical, geographical, botanical, culinary and etymological nature while making the most of your holidays!  


Taste buds and pupils

A stay based on the discovery of the famous

Cretan diet, tips, benefits. Quick and easy recipes to use in your everyday diet.

Theme accessible to children in July.


"Special Nanas" stays

A stay prepared by Nanas, for Nanas ... An alliance between culture, relaxation, body and soul care, giggles and letting go.

A stay "I forget everything"!


Relaxation and well-being

with Trisha

Crete is an ideal place to relax and refocus. Trisha knows how to convey calm, explain how your body works and how it reacts.


Dynamism and Challenges

You are athletic, you like to challenge yourself and know your limits. An original stay, extraordinary activities and outstanding animators! Something to perk you up for the whole year!  


2 Travel diaries

Crete + Santorini

with Isabelle DURET

Two dates proposed by Isabelle, so that you "tell" Crete, brush in hand. Go on an adventure in his company.


Hiking in the footsteps of Zeus

All of our guides are local professionals. They have always walked the hiking trails of the island. They adapt the level of the stay to the group level.


Learn Greek with Gianna

Gianna offers you individual conversation lessons, so you can quickly interact with the Cretan population. An active breakfast, a small group of attentive participants and tours coordinated by a top team


Discovery of Cretan wines

You will discover improbable tastes, high quality organic wines, All this complemented by excellent meals in the best Cretan taverns. A gastronomic week that you will not soon forget!

luce + WINE TOUR 014.JPG


artist's notebook led by Sylvie BALLESTER

Discover and meet, paint and draw: this is what has guided me for more than 30 years on the roads and cities here and elsewhere.

eglise paros 25.jpg

Without any pretension : our themed stays are often copied, rarely equaled. Organizing a quality stay requires real passion, real know-how, combined skills and a calm spirit. Each of us is a local tourism professional. Copying our programs, posts and articles is not enough to create and coordinate a quality stay.


Tourism is a profession, it cannot be practiced ...


As a tourist! :)

randonnée botanique
randonnée botanique

apprendre les danses crétoises
apprendre les danses crétoises


randonnée botanique
randonnée botanique


A theme to suggest? A project ? Contact us using the form below and let's do it all!

Our stays are creative stays but above all fun, a program to discover the island is obviously associated with each theme.