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Who are we ?

Each of us is a local tourism actor, self-employed person, travel agency manager, wine or cheese maker, beer or olive oil producer, craftsman, merchant, VSE manager, facilitator , hiking guide, guide, translator, individual bus driver, personal taxi, boat captain ... Since 2014, members of the teaching staff have joined forces with us, because they had not received any salary for several months. Students work with us on an ad hoc basis, depending on their knowledge and the languages ​​spoken.


We wanted to combine our skills and our cultures in order to promote this country where we were born and / or which fascinates us.

We are all local tourism professionals and we form a COLLECTIVE. Each member of the collective adheres to a professional charter, which is regularly renewed and readjusted. Our common goal: to offer you stays that best meet your expectations, as close as possible to Cretan authenticity.

Our concept

For 13 years, We have been organizing trips for individuals, families, groups , companies , associations, groups ... We are not under any fad. Each of our stays is a personalized, tailor-made stay. (in autonomy or group).


What is the difference with other stays offered by travel agencies or on internet ?


We were born in Crete, Greece and / or we are there to welcome you, all year round. We are perfectly familiar with the habits and customs, the rules of life and the essential point: the economic benefits directly benefit the local population. NO INTERMEDIARIES, NO COMMISSIONS. NEVER. We know you understand.

We had the pleasure and honor to be consulted by the production of the program "Escale en Crète", hosted by Tiga. One of us introduces you to Rethymno , the beautiful Venetian city, and presents Manolis Stagakis , emeritus luthier.  Solo, duo, family, colleagues or friends, we hope that this program will make you want to join us and share, for a few days or a few weeks, our passion for rebel island.

Why choose Crete Land of Origins to discover Crete?

- we offer Quality services

- we fight mass tourism

- we favor sharing and meetings

- we live on the island, we know perfectly the habits and customs, the rules of life

- we are all tourism professionals

- we promote local businesses and direct economic benefits, without intermediaries.


Yiorgos was born in the fishing village of Agia Gallini. In winter, he works at sea, he is an engineer on oil tankers. He bought his own bus on a human scale, and provides your summer transport, à la carte, over a large part of the island. His small business will celebrate its 6th birthday at the end of the year.


His grandfather was a sponge fisherman in Kalymnos. His grandmother from the island of Hydra. Annelyn decided to settle in Crete, and to promote family structures, accommodation, taverns, small producers, artisans.

She is responsible for making the link between the collective companies and French-speaking visitors.



Gianna is a philologist.


She teaches at the University of Rethymno.

Young and old can benefit from its pedagogy, as well as foreigners who want to understand the Greek language rather than learn it.

Gianna offers language stays,

individually (you choose your dates) or in small groups (8 participants maximum) on organized dates.


One of our best taverns!

From the grilled octopus, through the house Tarama, the tuna caught the day before and grilled a minute, the stuffed peppers and the tuna slade ...

A restaurant that you won't soon forget!


Kostas taverna


Nektarios is a sports and history teacher.

He works in the summer in a family hotel on a human scale. He welcomes you with ease and provides you with information on the various activities available in the Chania region.


Theodor is our private taxi, mini-bus, bus driver, 15,20,25 seats!


He knows Crete like the back of his hand, the peaceful roads, the beautiful beaches and above all the secret corners ....


Daniel is French. After several vacation periods in Crete, he decided not to leave ...

He now lives in the heart of the rebel island, and is perfectly integrated with the local population. He manages a guest house in a small village.


Katerina is a law student.

She speaks perfect French, English and German.

She sometimes joins our team in the summer, accompanies small groups and tells you about habits and customs, as well as her Cretan family with well-established principles.



Koula is Cretan. She has lived a very long time in Canada, where she is still part of her family.

His passion: Cooking.

She welcomes you at home, in all simplicity, and gives you the secrets of the famous "Cretan Diet"


Alexios is a French teacher.

He was passionate about French literature, and more particularly the Age of Enlightenment.

In order to supplement his income, he joins our team in the summer, gives Greek lessons, translates during site visits, and accompanies small French-speaking groups.


Morgane is French. She met her Greek husband during a stay in Athens, for his studies. Together they decided to settle in Crete. Their common passion: olive trees ...

They rent abandoned plots of land, renovate the olive trees, thanks to the wise advice of the elders.

2019 will be, she hopes, a good year: they hope to produce 3000 liters of oil.


Vassili used to work in a ministry ...

Tired of Athenian life and eager to find the calm of his island, he invested all his savings in a boat.

It offers Libyan sea trips, lazy days exploring the seabed and picnics on the southern beaches .;


Stefanos is passionate.

After studying botany in Thessaloniki, he took over his father's shop, cultivated land and planted all kinds of plants and spices. He transforms his own production (essential oils, olive oil soaps, donkey milk ...) and gives courses in botany in May and September.


Maria is a graduate of the School of Guides of Athens (1987-1989), and certified to guide groups / individuals all over Greece.


She speaks French, English and Italian.


Yet, due to the ever increasing demand in Crete

for francophone guides, Maria works almost exclusively in French, and she loves it!

Maria is passionate about history, geology, architecture.


Yiorgos goes to seek his land every week in the foothills of Psiloritis. He filters it in his garden. His pride ? Reproduce, as far as possible and as faithfully as possible the objects created and used by the Minoans. Today, we enjoy seeing each other again every year, and he gives my small groups all his time and his humor.


The most athletic and the most daring of our guides!

He walks, he runs, he pedals, he climbs, he jumps, he climbs ...

It is with him that you will discover sporting Crete, beyond your limits.


The love that Kristy has for horses is infinite ...

Arrived in Crete 20 years ago, she now has her own hara and offers you extraordinary rides, accompanied by one of her 29 horses ...