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Houses, villas and     apartments for rent

The houses and apartments for rent belong to Cretan families. Most of them were built or renovated by family members.

Our selection criteria:

- geographic location

- authenticity

- quality of reception

- local economic benefits.


Some examples :

Eleanor and Nikos are passionate about renovating houses... Each of them is different, but all are perfectly equipped and have their own charm.


heart of the island

Zoë offers maisonettes in the heart of a Cretan village. Equipped for two to four people, very affordable prices and all shops within walking distance.

North West

Yiannis (the son) and Stella (the mother) have recently renovated apartments with a sea view. A very pleasant atmosphere in this small village located 13 km from Xania.

south center

Eva and Nikos created this residence, which offers 12 fully equipped houses and 3 swimming pools. Located 2.3 km from a fishing village, these houses are luxurious and family-friendly.

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