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Cretan hikes

Aradena Gorge

Duration: 5 hours, these gorges are much more beautiful and just as spectacular as the Samaria gorges. We suggest you practice them uphill rather than traditionally downhill. After having spent the night in Loutro, this small Cretan paradise, you will have to leave in the direction of the bay of Marmara (marble). You will immediately be engulfed by the mountain and you will feel very small... 750 m of elevation gain await you, but great, very great satisfaction on arrival and moments of pure happiness admiring your surroundings. The Aradena gorges are the gorges that we recommend to all real walkers.

Agia Irini Gorge

Duration: 4 hours of pleasant descent, passable with the family. The entrance to the gorge is indicated by a sign, in the village of the same name. Mountain vegetation, which immediately puts us in the mood: pines, plane trees, oaks ...  A fountain halfway through which allows you to take a break and have a picnic. A very pleasant hike to practice, without major difficulty.

Imbros Gorge

Duration: 2h30, walking quietly. This is an easy course, which you can practice with your children. It is by starting with the Imbros gorges that you can check your level and tackle more complicated routes.

650 meters of elevation gain, and a well-marked hike where it is impossible to get lost.

The hike begins at the sign indicating: Farangi Imbrou, in the village of Imbros.WARNING: either one of you does not descend not the gorges and picks you up at the bottom with the vehicle, or you will have to use one of the many Cretan "taxis" waiting at the foot of the gorges and paying a high price to get back up. 

The first part of the gorges is easy. Few vegetation but the feeling that it will not last ... Finally, we can see the pines, the sage, the oaks ... The vegetation becomes luxuriant and varied. limestone allowed the inhabitants of the region to hide during the various invasions. With a bit of luck, you will come across the kri-kris or agrimis, emblems of the island. Varied landscapes, a gentle descent but the feeling, on arrival, of having made a good effort...

Price: 3 euro.

Anidri Gorge

Like Imbros Gorge, Anidri Gorge is accessible to children. 3 hours of walking, with a drop of 250 m. A region  covered with strawberry trees, chestnut trees. This hike is pleasant because it allows breaks, visits to monasteries and sheltered walks. We cross villages out of time, with vue  on the sea. The path is extremely well marked and allows a day out of time.

From Sfakia

Duration: 3 hours, well marked trail. This is part of the E4 trail.

This European path passes by one of the most beautiful beaches of the island: Glika Nera (fresh waters). However, this is not a recommended route with children, because a very large part passes on the side of the hill, at pic  towards the sea. You will often stop to admire this breathtaking landscape of the Libyan Sea as far as the eye can see. 2 hours of medium level descent. Then an easier route to go to Loutro.

Patsos Gorge (or Agios Antonios)

Duration: 3 hours, round trip. Nice course with sporty children and players. (ladders and ropes). The natural environment is quite impressive, and deserves a day's walk. To find these gorges, follow the signs: Agios Antonios. Once the challenge has been met, enjoy a good "antichristo" lamb at the Drimos tavern ... One of the best taverns in the region.

Mili Gorge

The Mili Gorge is located a few kilometers from Rethymno. Very green, very shaded, they are practicable even in high season, including with children. Many remains of water mills allow well-deserved breaks. The river that once passed there was plentiful, and kept the mills turning all year round. You can also come across the residence of the "tax collector" of the Venetian era, who counted the quantity of ground grain and flour produced. The ovens then produced a lot of bread, in order to feed the Venetian authorities. Several small churches too, including that of our Lady of Halevis and the small chapel of Saint John, built inside a rock. Lush vegetation and many birds in this protected gorge.

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