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Dairy products

Being a shepherd in Crete is still a profession in its own right. This profession is still often passed from father to son, and can support the whole family. The consumption of dairy products in Crete is very high. The tradition of Cretan breeding allows the varied consumption of products:

- very good cheeses,

- consistent yoghurts,

- plenty of goat's milk,

- tasty dairy desserts.

Very very few products made from cow's milk, if at all ...




Eggplant Imam


The consumption of cheese is integrated into each meal.


Honey yogurt is one of the favorite desserts of the table. It can also be embellished with Glykos (candied fruits), nuts ... It is used for traditional tarts, sweet, savory ... Tiropitas (honey galette, including the famous Sfakia galette) ... Kalitsounias, sfakianes ...

Apart from high quality milk, what gives milk its letters of nobility is: ITS PRODUCER .

The cheese makers have retained traditional manufacturing methods, while modernizing their facilities.

Four Cretan cheeses have received the PDO label:

- the Graviera

- ksinomizithra

- the Pichtogalo

- the Ksigalo.

But cheeses such as Anthotiro, Mizithra , Kefalotiri, Malaka, staka are also excellent!

Anthotiro is a mixture of fresh milk and curdled milk. 65% minimum fat, it is produced from mixed goat's milk and sheep's milk. Its name comes from the best part of the cheese: ANTHOS. This cheese is regularly used on pasta.

Galomyzithra: this cheese is not marketed. It is produced and consumed by families with sheep. It is often used for the Dakos.

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