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This is where you will taste the best BAKLAVA in the world! :)

Each of the regions of Crete, and Greece, is home to the "oldest olive tree" in the world. This one is in GOUVES, in the west of Crete. The circumference of the trunk: 12.5 meters, the diameter: 4.6 meters, variety: tsounati. It is still very beautiful!

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The first line: a Greek film, both moving and fair.

A must see.

The TSAROUHI, symbol of freedom for the Greeks: this very heavy shoe was worn during the War of Independence in 1821 against the Ottomans. These shoes thus became the symbol of freedom and bravery. The pompom on the top symbolizes the tree of freedom ... This uncomfortable shoe is now worn by the Evzones.

The French consume an average of 1.5 l of olive oil per capita, the Portuguese: 6.5 l, the Italians: 12.5 l, the Spaniards: 15.5 l and the Greeks ???? 25.5 l !!! Yes Yes !

The MINOAN LANGUAGE (2000 / -1400 BC):

The excavations carried out at Cnossos by Arthur Evans as well as the research which followed, brought to light nearly 2000 Minoan inscriptions. The study of the inscriptions, which consists of the phonetic transcription of the Mycenaean linear B into the Minoan linear A, made it possible to "read" the Minoan language. The subsequent linguistic study showed that it is now possible to understand this language.
A systematic approach has made it possible to establish that the Minoan language constitutes a distinct branch of the Indo-European language family from the first half of the 2nd millennium BC, which has features in common with Sanskrit, Armenian and Greek. There is clear evidence in the past of the existence of genres, substantives, verb endings and various types of vocabulary, which argue in favor of an Indo-European language.

On January 6th, each year, we celebrate Theophany ... (Theo = God, Phan = apparition). It used to be a day where statues of all the Gods were exhibited, and the generic term is used for the birth of Jesus Christ and other divine manifestations. The Baptism of Jesus by Saint John in the waters of the Jordan River results in the blessing of the waters. The priest throws a cross into the water, which must be recovered in order to bring happiness to all his family ...

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