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Short quiz reserved for 6/12 year olds

This quiz will take place from October 24 to 31, 2021. To be won: books on Greek mythology. (AGYRA editions, I love mythology). Questions for our dear blond (or dark!) heads. 

Our objective: draw teenagers' attention to Greece, arouse their curiosity and interest.

May the best win! (thank you parents for playing the game and not giving the answers... Let your children search in the dictionary, google, wikipedia, even: in the history books! Yes! )

The Quiz

1/ In which container were the products sold by Greek traders transported? Can you draw this object?

2/What is the name of the hero of the Odyssey?

3/ What was his wife Penelope doing while waiting for him? 

4/ What was the name of Alexander the Great's horse?

- two-headed

- bucephalus


5/ Who was the head of the Greek gods?

6 / How many labors Heracles had to perform to be forgiven for murdering his wife and children?

7/ Who led the Athenian army and governed the city? What French word does this remind you of?

9/ What is the name of the author of the Illiad and the Odyssey? 

10/ What was the place main of a Greek city called?

11/ In which city were the Olympic Games organized?

12/ At what age did Alexander the Great become king?

- 10 years

- 20 years

-30 years

13/ Where did the Greek Gods live?

14/ What is the name of the triangle above the columns of Olympus?

15/ Which monument in Alexandria was part of the 7 Wonders of the World? Can you draw it?

To participate in the game:

send us your answers by email:, mentioning your first and last names, age and address



Fill out the form below, en  mentioning the code : QUIZZADO and en  giving the answers to the questions in numerical order.

ATTENTION: to be able to access the draw, you must have answered ALL the questions.

Come back regularly to the site... Answers are sometimes hidden in our pages... :)

Last thing: in order to guarantee a fair game, an identity card  and a photo will be requested for the sending of gifts...

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