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"In 2023, the museums and archaeological sites of Greece will open their doors to you free of charge.:

- March 6, in memory of Mélina Mercouri
- April 18 on International Monuments Day
- May 18, for International Museum Day
- June 5 during World Environment Day.
- The last Saturday of September for the European Heritage Days
- September 27, World Tourism Day.
- All public holidays 
- Sundays between November 1 and March 31
- The first Sunday of each month except for the months of July, August and September.


The Athens and Epidaurus Festival takes place this year from June 1 to August 18. Events not to be missed if you are in this region. Unavoidable !

RGiving a second life to boat sails ... This is the bet that Stratis, Spiros, Panos and Chrissa have set themselves ...

minoan world.jpg

We have tested for you: cinema in 9D at... Xania! And we highly recommend it. A very pleasant time to spend with family, friends ... And a little boost to the local economy .... Fasten your seatbelt and discover the history of Crete!

How are the end of year celebrations in Greece? What cakes do you eat? What are the decorations? What are calendars? Why do we dive into the sea?

Thumbs up ... At the Windmills! 

The plain of Lassithi, we know!

But a Cretan company that is launching into the artisanal manufacture of windmills, the emblem of Lassithi... That's new! So let's visit their site:windmills.grand give a little boost to the local economy!

A Cretan beer?  It's possible ! Since September 2017, Aurélie and Michaelis have created a company, which offers excellent beer made ... In Crete! A signed article: Le petit journal d'Athènes

Titi Lulu Boutique is a Greek family business, created in 2014. It's not La Redoute... It's not the three Swiss... You won't find hundreds of models and hundreds of sizes available , and manufacturing times are sometimes a little long .... A website in Greek and French for the moment. The models are superb, the selected fabrics original and the cuts creative... Need a little help?

The "POLITISMOS" site offers an e-magazine, very pleasant to read and particularly instructive. To read without moderation! :) 

Reaffirming culture to strengthen democracy...This year, Chantiers d'Europe welcomes artists from Portugal, the Netherlands, Spain, Greece, the United Kingdom and Croatia. An article signed "INFO GREECE".

The "CRETOIS REGIME" "festival" will be held from July 1 to 7, 2020, in the municipal garden of Rethymno. Stands presenting local products: wines, cheeses, honeys, rakis, but also new products, based on aloe vera or carob.Crete, Land of Origins offers you each year a "flavors of Crete" stay, including the discovery of small producers and craftsmen of the island.

June 7, 2020 : The "Psiloritis" race (the highest peak in Crete). A challenge aimed at international runners. Fabulous landscapes, a unique experience, in the heart of the rebel island.


The race covers the distance traveled by pilgrims from the sacred city of Knossos to climb the mountain Psiloritis and honor their god, Zeus Cretagenes, who according to ancient Greek mythology was raised in the cave of Ideon Andron, the center of worship and sanctuary in Minoan and Roman times. Today, the Psiloritis Race links myth to contemporary history as runners will follow in the footsteps of their ancestors on the sacred mountain. 

The race will start on the morning of June 3 on the plateau of Nida in Anogia in Crete. The 35 km athletes will reach the summit of Psiloritis (2.456).

Who takes this challenge?

The Greek tradition of the Martis: these little red and white bracelets are a way of celebrating spring, the return of the sun. Adults and children wear them from March 1 to 31. These bracelets are made of white thread, a symbol of purity, and red thread, symbolizing life and passion. They are also surrounded around tree branches so that the harvest is good...

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