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The GREEK SHOP will not open this year.

30% of artisans and small producers have closed their doors.

The "survivors" went to work in Athens, and others changed their path.

We hope to find this activity again in 2022.


The jewels created by Anne Brucker have, without a doubt, a Greek sound.

Give (yourself) a nice gift at a reasonable price  


His name is Cyril.   Fell in love with Greece in 2011 during a  first stay in Crete, Cyril  then discovered Corfu . But this is only the beginning !

His dream: to spend 6 months a year in Crete, to enjoy the warmth of the Greeks...


In the family ofStelios on est sponge fishermen, from father to son. His shop is in the port of Pothia, in Kalymnos. He lives off the product of his labor (fishing for sponges). Sponge prices range from €3 to €25, depending on circumference and variety. Stelios sends its sponges all over the world, regardless of the quantity ordered ... 


Niki and Niko, two Greek biologists, created the Arivita brand. They decline most of their products from bee nectar and virgin olive oil... Quality of products and services guaranteed.


Out of the ordinary artisanal creations... Colorful, superb. To discover without moderation. Artist :Katerina Kindini. 

Wind Mills

A craft company that reproduces the models of the mills of Lasithi (Crete).

Haris Cotton

Greek clothes, made by Greeks, in Greece.

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