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Olive trees, olive oil and table olives

Olive trees have been an integral part of Cretan life for more than 3,500 years.


Centuries of history cement the complex relationship between the Cretans, their olive trees and their oils. The cultivated species are mainly the " HONTROLIA ", the KORONEIKES "and the TSOUNATES ".

The OLIVE is a symbol of Cretan civilization through the ages. Zakros Palace (in the east of the island) houses impressive frescoes depicting the harvest of olives, vases and whole olives dating from the 3rd millennium BC

Olive oil was stored in terracotta vats and amphorae (Pithoi) and very often exported to the Aegean Islands and Mainland Greece. Regardless of trade, the olive tree was worshiped as a sacred tree and the oil was offered to the Gods and the dead.

A staple food, it was also used for lighting and heating. The olive tree is a symbol of peace, health and strength.

Olive oil and olives are essential for all Cretan meals. It is also very present in religious ceremonies.

There are millions of olive trees on the island of Crete, and thousands of families cultivate them. The climate

and the composition of the soil guarantee the finesse of the fragrance and the precise taste of olive oil.

We can say that the olive oil of Crete is UNIQUE.

Crete produces 1/3 of Greek production , with 35 million olive trees, which cover approximately

65% of cultivable land. 90% of Cretan olive oil is EXTRA VIRGIN oil.

Crude olive oil has a very positive influence on general health. Olive juice contains monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, which increases "good" cholesterol and protects against heart disease. Olive oil is an integral part of the famous Cretan Diet. It is preferable to choose an oil whose acidity is less than 2%. Extra olive oil: 0.8%.

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The tips :

Olive oil : a magical product for your aesthetics

Everyone knows the benefits of olive oil for the body; it has rich properties that are very effective for our health. But, what you don't know yet is that olive oil is also very effective for the maintenance and treatment of your beauty! Here are five tips that will help you take full advantage of the benefits of olive oil for your aesthetics:

1-Olive oil gives you smooth skin!

Our skin is exposed to several elements that make it sensitive and dry; the sun, waxing and much more. The elbows and knees are the driest areas of our skin, which is why we must not forget to soak them in olive oil, it allows the skin to become smooth and soft.

2-Forget your chemical makeup removers and replace them with olive oil

At the end of the day, you clean your face and then you apply olive oil, you will be surprised by the results! Not only will your skin be free of all the chemicals that have covered it throughout the day, it will also be smooth and radiant. To benefit from all the benefits of olive oil, do not forget to use it regularly on a daily basis.

3-Line problem? Use olive oil!

As part of the Mediterranean diet, olive oil protects us from possible health problems. In addition, it prevents the absorption of fat and harmful sugars and therefore helps us to keep our figure; just take a teaspoon of olive oil on an empty stomach!

4-A perfect complexion with olive oil

Like a beauty cream, apply olive oil all over your body; you will be delighted and pleasantly surprised by the results! If your skin is dry, the results will even be magical for you!

5-Enjoy shiny and healthy hair!

Hair breakage and fall are mainly caused by dryness. In order to avoid these unpleasant effects, we advise you to use, on a weekly basis, an olive oil mask that you apply abundantly to the scalp, covering everything with a slightly warm terry towel. Keep the towel until it cools down and wash your hair 24 hours after!

The message of the olive tree ...

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