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2021: 17 accommodation partners


19 restaurant partners have adhered to our quality charter

For the year 2021, we have selected 17 partners for accommodation (we only work with family structures, on a human scale) and 19 partners for catering (cooks from mother to son and passionate about the secrets of the Mediterranean diet of their ancestors).


Our role: to make known and promote small local structures.

Our selection is questioned every year, and sometimes even during the year. We are not attached to an establishment but to the QUALITY of the service provided. We have not claimed any reduction or privilege on the cost of your accommodation and meals, which gives us the right to remain demanding and to keep a critical mind :).

Do not expect us to negotiate rates such as those for large groups and large tour operators. Our stays are quality stays. Nothing is bought at a discount, nothing is sold at a discount. We choose for you the best accommodation, the best restaurants, the most authentic services. Quality at a cost. We are keen to remain positioned in this niche.

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