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The 7th ascent of Psiloritis, (the highest mountain in Crete) took place June 3, 2018.   Starting point: Nida Plateau, 7:30 a.m. 35 Kms.

  This is the distance traveled by pilgrims to the sacred city of Knossos to climb the mountain Psiloritis and honor their god, Zeus Cretagenes, who according to ancient Greek mythology was raised in the cave of Ideon Andron, center of worship and sanctuary in Minoan and Roman times.

Today, The Psiloritis Race connects myth with contemporary history as runners will follow in the footsteps of their ancestors on the sacred mountain of Zeus...

The race started on the morning of June 3 on the plateau of Nida in Anogia in Crete. The 35 km athletes will reach the summit of Psiloritis (2,456 meters).

Also offered: 8.5 km of running, 8 km of Nordic walking and 2 km for children. This race brings together many countries and is always animated by many festivals.


The international mountain race "Psiloritis Race" is an athletic meeting that combines physical exercise, natural atmosphere and contact with nature.   It is not only a sporting effort based on endurance, and adventure, linked to the unique beauty of Crete, but also to make known all over the world Greek and foreign athletes who have specialized   in mountain running, having the chance to live a real eight-hour athletic game, as a unique personal experience.

It is for these reasons that the athletes who each year  test their strengths in the "Psiloritis Race" by participating in it, adopt  the philosophy of semi-autonomy, are_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ as lightly loaded as possible, thanks to systematic supply from the organizers. Moreover, this athletic game has the objective of organizational integrity, in order to attract, year after year, the interest of even more athletes.

The “Psiloritis Race” site   gives all the information related to the race, as well as the Facebook page which has been adopted by nearly 3200 friends from all over the world. The interest expressed exceeded the expectations of the Organizing Committee, which is passionately committed to the organisation.


Every year, first weekend of July, theDRIMISKOS taverncelebrates "The Feast of the Shepherds". It is a question of shearing the sheep at the beginning of the summer, in order to allow them to bear the heat. A great opportunity to dance, sing, and see these strong men at work rehearsing ancestral gestures! But it is also for us the opportunity to taste the famous "antechristo": lamb grilled over a wood fire .. slowly ... and to admire our friends at work! Are you joining us?

On the occasion of the "CRETAN DIET FESTIVAL", organized by the City ofRethymnonevery year at the beginning of July, we organize a stay: 

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This stay is for people wishing to both visit the rebel island and discover the secrets of the famous Cretan diet, which is anything but a Diet. 

The festival is held in the public garden of the Venetian city of Rethymno. We taste  local products: Wines, Cheeses, Raki, Honey, carob, olive paste... during the stay discover  artisans and small producers and take part in des  very lively musical evenings. It can also be professional meetings between different producers.

12 participants had the chance to discover Crete differently in 2018.


Next stay:June 30 to July 6 2019

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