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In Crete, There is also ... excellent wines !

The island has the most traditional European vineyards, composed of old Cretan grapes varieties whose origins are lost in antiquity.

The Cretan vineyards produce white and red wines, raki (made with pulp), raisins (Soultania).

The first traces of pips, stalks and dandruff were found in a large pot of terracotta near Mirtos. Mycenaean writings retrace stories about WOINOS. Near the village of Archnes (south of Heraklion) was found a wine press, dating back to 1600 BC.

It is in Crete that wine production in the Minoan era was the most important. Cretan wines were very popular during the Roman era, and Crete was a must for the Mediterranean wine trade.

The Cretan vineyard covers 35,000 hectares, producing 25% of Greek production, or one million hectoliters. The climate and the Cretan land are ideal conditions for the production of wine.

The Greek wine legislation dates from 1971. It is inspired by French legislation:

- Table wine (all wines that have no appellation, which come from all the grape varieties)
- Vin de Pays (wines of superior quality, these are in principle the assembly of two grape varieties)
- Quality wines: OPAP (in principle only one local grape variety)
- Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée: O.P.E (sweet wines of muscat, mavrodaphe).


The different Cretan varieties are : Mandilari, Kotsifali, Liatiko, Romeiko (for the reds) and Vilana, Vidiano, Dafni, Plyto, Thrapasathiri, Malvasia di Candia, Muscat of Spina (for white).

Price example, based on 8 days / 7 nights (excluding July and August): € 880 per person

single supplement: 180 €

including: reception at the airport, organization and coordination of the stay, transport on the island, the driver, fuel, accommodation in a double room, breakfasts, 3 dinners (1/4 wine + water),  tastings.

This price does not include: Air transport,  lunches, dinners not included in the program, admission to museums and sites, optional activities, tips, personal expenses.

Tribute to the vineyard and wine


The Zacharioudakis family aims to highlight the southern region of the island. The vineyard plantation started in 2003 and has an area of 20 hectares. It is composed of local and foreign grape varieties, and remains in full development. The plantation of the vineyard is carried out in an original way, on small and big low walls which snake all around the hills named "ORTHI PETRA". The vineyard is one of the most majestic in Europe. The red grape varieties grown here are: Kotsifali, Syrah, Carbernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The white grape varieties are Vilana, Vidiano, Malvazia di Candia, Malvazia di Aromatica and Sauvignon Blanc.

You are: a group of friends, an association of passionate oenologists, a school, one or more companies in the wine world ... You wish to take a privatized "wine discovery" tour.


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