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Take your pencils and your brushes !

A little trip for painting with Isabelle,

would you like it?

The goal of this stay is for everyone to realize themselves and progress smoothly, free their creativity,

with subjects that we choose together and that will be perfectly suited to you!

So, are you interested in a little painting trip?

With your pencils, your brushes, let's go for a great adventure!


There is always a pencil, a notebook and a brush in my bag!


I like to experiment, scratch, glue, glue, cut, drill, let the colors fuse on the paper, but also apply a rigorous design for architectures or illustrations of plants!


In the workshop of course, but especially outside, there is always a small challenge to overcome while having a pleasant and precious moment ... What I like is meeting and sharing: meeting on the other, a country, a culture, a landscape, a plant ... and during this meeting, the sharing of this moment takes shape in a travel diary .... drawing them, we learn to observe, discover and discover ourselves too, often talents that we did not suspect!


I started my notebooks for ten years, going to Polynesia, Sweden, Panama, Italy, Greece and Crete of course! Sometimes the landscapes, the people encountered, their looks, but also the flora and fauna! So why limit yourself to one subject! All these encounters were precious and deserved to be part of my personal "museum" of memories, with the little extra of an interpretation which evolves over the trips, the colors encountered, and consequently the practice which is transformed. In watercolor for botanical subjects, because it is in my opinion the technique which lends itself best to it to translate the transparency of a flower petal, the fleeting light which arises or crosses a leaf, arises on a wave! Dry pastel when I need to touch the material, and ink, indelible and definitive for risk taking!


I have been teaching painting, watercolor and drawing for fifteen years, in a rather relaxed atmosphere, and I do not hesitate to show, communicate my tips, and help you compose your work.



July 12th  to 19th

Thank you to the participants of the 2020 notebook

for their kindness and good humor!

We especially appreciated their presence and their support.

685 € / person

including : reception at the airport, airport / accommodation / airport transfer, accommodation in a double room, breakfast, dinners (1/4 wine and water), transport to the island, French-speaking driver , the guide when necessary, fuel, coordination and organization of the stay.


These prices do not include : LESSONS given by Isabelle, air transport, site visits, lunches, personal expenses, tips, drinks of convenience: coffees, teas, aperitifs, herbal teas, etc.

Diogenes Athina
Balos bay
Stella agia marina Xania
Grand hibiscus rouge

Are you interested in this trip? Fill out the form below, download the registration form.


Participation payable in 3 installments.


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Our insurance partner for this trip: ALLIANZ TRAVEL. (recommended).

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