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"En 2023, les musées et sites archéologiques de Grèce vous ouvrent leurs portes gratuitement les :

- 6 mars, en mémoire de Mélina Mercouri
- 18 avril lors de la Journée Internationale des monuments
- 18 mai, pour la Journée Internationale des musées
- 5 juin au cours de la Journée Mondiale de l'environnement.
- Le dernier samedi de septembre pour les Journées Européennes du patrimoine
- 27 septembre, Journée Mondiale du tourisme.
- Tous les jours fériés 
- Les dimanches entre le 1er novembre et le 31 mars
- Le premier dimanche de chaque mois sauf pour les mois de juillet, août et septembre."



As the Parthenon is renovated, objects are discovered between or behind the marble blocks. Mainly offerings, but also musical instruments (based on animal bones). The ACROPOLIS has not finished surprising us!


More than 100 archaeologists from UCL Louvain have discovered, in Sissi (near Heraklio), a habitat of the Minoan civilization dating from 2600 years BC as well as the Mycenaean tomb of a rich aristocrat. Crete is gradually revealing its secrets to us, and not the least!

It is called STELIOS. In his family, they are sponge fishermen from father to son. His shop is in the port of Pothia, at the end of a small alley. He lives off the product of his labor (fishing for sponges). Sponge prices range from €3 to €25, depending on circumference and variety. Stelios sends his sponges all over the world, regardless of the quantity ordered ... He does not speak English, but his daughter helps him to understand the text of the mails.

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50 shades of Greeks: me, kid and bad guy  sur Arte.


These hand-painted hats are nice, aren't they? A creation signed: Katerina Kindini ... Website:kreations.gror face book page: Katerina Kindini. 

The film "KAZANTZAKIS" presented at UNESCO

On September 17 at 6:30 p.m., the film "KAZANTZAKIS" by director Iannis Smaragdis will be screened in a hall at UNESCO in Paris.

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