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Let's prepare your stay together

As a couple, family, friends or colleagues, you have a plan to stay in Crete.
You want this project to fit you, not the other way around.
You would like it  to be different from what  offer travel agencies, you want to choose your dates and the duration of your stay, vou don't want to travel in a group and are above all not a fan of mass tourism.
You want a circuit that looks like you, that takes into account your real wishes for activities and visits.
By mail, by phone, by skype, messenger, what's up ... contact us. We need to know you better to establish a truly personalized proposal. We do not belong to any financial group, are not affiliated with any tour operator or subject to any chain. We have created a collective of local businesses, which adhere to a quality charter. The income generated by your visit is distributed locally, and very often directly to service providers.
Our strength: listening to and personalizing our proposals. You will not be an "average" customer and your stay will be like no other. We all know each other because we have worked together for 12 years, winter and summer. We are not email or phone partners. We spoke, we saw each other, and we meet regularly to take stock.
Why use our services ? Every year at  from the month of April we travel around Crete,  to (re)select our partners, (re)check new routes, new accommodations, news taverns, new activities,  the quality of the welcome, the comfort of the rooms, the authenticity and freshness of the dishes, the places on offer. We test everything, every year. We travel all the roads of Crete diligently,  looking  for new services, new activities and new places.
The "travel diary" that we will give you will therefore be updated and personalized. This will be OUR information, OUR discoveries, OUR recommendations, OUR contacts and OUR advice.

In France (+33) :

09 84 58 17 74
06 88 98 87 87
In Crete (+ 30) :
69 49 78 42 04
Each of us specializes in a theme, an activity. Your request will be handled by the theme specialist, or the coordination manager. Our response time: 24 hours in low and medium season, 48 hours in high season.
We are all passionate about Crete, mostly NATIVES of the island, and  each have our specific knowledge and passions. This is what makes our complementarity and our strength!
Your correspondent will be your single point of contact, he will follow your file throughout the development of your stay.

It could be :


- an individual personal project (solo, duo, family, with friends ...),

- a group project, with a cultural, sporting, gastronomic, educational theme,

- a business project, motivation stay, incentives or reward stay,

- an associative project around a theme,

- a student project, school group ...

Fill in the form below, mentioning the theme of your stay.

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