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Travel notebook, Artist's notebook

A stay managed by Sylvie BALLESTER, painter

from September 20th to 27th

"Looking back on our superb internship in Crete withAnnelyn Kindynisand its collective: Crête, land of origins!

Visits to mythical sites, dream landscapes, restaurants and accommodation at the top... In short, perfect. Super nice week and all that with an incredible team of highly motivated and always ready interns! What happiness! So.. maybe another time???

Thank you Annelyn and thank you to my happy troupe of designers!" Sylvie BALLESTER.

The "TRAVEL NOTEBOOK, ARTISTS NOTEBOOK" stay led by Sylvie BALLESTER was a great success! Thanks to Pierrette, Rosemy, Odile, Bernadette, Patrick, Anne Marie, Mireille, Patricia, Brigitte, Bernard, Françoise, Annie, Marie for their active and joyful participation. Lots of giggles, many hours spent sketching the rebel island, in the shade of the olive trees or under the blazing sun of Gramvousa. But also excellent moments appreciated to taste good dishes! Annelyn Kindynis.

Discover and meet, paint and draw: this is what has guided me for more than 30 years on the roads and cities here and elsewhere.

After studying applied arts in Paris, I left at the age of 20 and for many months to travel through West Africa, notebooks and brushes in hand.


It will be the beginning of a real addiction for the illustrated travelogue.

Numerous peregrinations will follow which will be the subjects of many notebooks and paintings: Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Togo, but also Tunisia, Turkey, the fascinating Egypt, Kenya and Tanzania or the Caribbean and then the delicious Mayotte .. Then my taste for Asia will come with Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India, Rajasthan, Kerala, Thailand ... and I'm back from a long trip in Ethiopia...

I also often travel in Europe where I have illustrated: Venice, Rome, Naples and Puglia, Amsterdam, Seville, Mallorca, Madeira or the wonderful Greek islands of the Cyclades: Paros, Milos, Sifnos, Naxos ...

As soon as I return to the studio, I transcribe on large format canvases, or on salvaged media, my encounters and my emotions, noted, sketched, watercolored on my logbooks.

I teach painting, drawing and travel sketching in art school, associations for more than 20 years, as well as in prisons and generously share my passion for the travel diary by organizing internships in France and abroad with its association: Carnets Migrateurs de la Côte Bleue.


A graduate in applied arts, Sylvie BALLESTER is a teacher in visual arts and a freelance illustrator.


To see my work:

Do not hesitate any longer, my travel diary courses are open to all. No need to know how to paint or draw to get started!


A curious look, a touch of fantasy and a taste for discovery will be enough to make you a notebook artist at heart, ready to paste, scribble, paste and draw your encounters and emotions by creating a very personal travel journal! The travel diary allows all freedom!


From beginner to advanced, whatever your level, it is I who adapt myself, in order to make you discover through a dynamic, original and personalized approach the art of the travel diary. I like the diversity of the tools used (markers, pencils, brushes ...), and the various coloring techniques (watercolor, gouache, ink ...) without forgetting the collage and the installation of small texts.


Throughout this course, I will give you the essentials of the basic techniques of drawing and color, without fuss and lightly! (observation of the subject, interpretation, composition and coloring). In magical or unusual places, I would help you develop your creativity to create a unique and precious travel journal!

Price of the stay: 680 € / person
. The single supplement is 120 €.


Including: reception at the airport, airport / hotel / airport transport, fuel, French-speaking driver, guide when necessary, transport to the island, accommodation in a shared room, breakfast, dinners, drinks included (1/4 wine + water).


This price does not include: Sylvie's lessons, plane ticket, single supplement (120 €), lunches, tickets to the sites and museums visited, drinks of convenience (tea, coffee, aperitif, etc.), the optional day's activities, personal expenses,

tips (not compulsory).

Our insurance partner for this trip: ALLIANZ TRAVEL (not compulsory, but recommended).

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