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Our favorite: CRETE, the labyrinth of Zeus
Author: Marie Geredakis
Editions: Nevetica, the soul of peoples.

Marie GEREDAKI is a passionate author.

Crete is the cradle of his Greek family.

She describes it, tells it, feels it... 

A book to read absolutely before your departure or to slip into your suitcase and discover during your walks.

€9.00 + shipping costs 

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“Why Crete?

A feeling. Freedom.


A luminous freedom encountered each time I find Crete and its rugged mountains; moment suspended in the flight of a bearded vulture. Its piercing cry tears the silence and mingles with the rustle of the wind.


This freedom tastes like thyme, sage and dittam. It has the smell of figs and wild goats. To the spray brought by the sea is added the dust of the red earth."

Maria Geredakis.

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