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Featured in recent weeks

"En 2023, les musées et sites archéologiques de Grèce vous ouvrent leurs portes gratuitement les :

- 6 mars, en mémoire de Mélina Mercouri
- 18 avril lors de la Journée Internationale des monuments
- 18 mai, pour la Journée Internationale des musées
- 5 juin au cours de la Journée Mondiale de l'environnement.
- Le dernier samedi de septembre pour les Journées Européennes du patrimoine
- 27 septembre, Journée Mondiale du tourisme.
- Tous les jours fériés 
- Les dimanches entre le 1er novembre et le 31 mars
- Le premier dimanche de chaque mois sauf pour les mois de juillet, août et septembre."
Un article édité par "le petit journal d'Athènes".

This is My Athens: a website that puts you in direct contact with locals, to discover the REAL ATHENS

One Sunday a month, the roof of the new Athens Opera House, at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNFCC), turns into “ Social Ballroom ”, understand “_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_modern times guinguette ». Hello Weekly.

Europe: Greek as an official language of the European Union

We all know that independently of its dazzling scientific and philosophical achievements, the Greek mind was able to define the concepts of democracy and measurement which are the foundations of European civilisation.

t seems to us healthy, in this period of doubt, to revitalize our mentalities in values that give a central place to dialogue, to a critical spirit, to a sense of proportion, even to the fraternal management of the blows of fate.

Rain, snow, running water ... And a splendid discovery, in the south east of the island, in Ierapetra:


An invaluable archaeological treasure has surfaced following recent rains. A marble sculpture of an ancient Roman aristocrat with a magnificent hairstyle was found on January 4 by a young farmer, who immediately turned it over to the  archaeological services. According to the first estimate of the curator of Lassithi, Chrysa Sophianou, the sculpture represents a Roman lady of around 3 century AD,   of great artistic value and which would have decorated a Roman house or tomb of this period.

The Carnival ofRethymno takes place every year at the end of February. Every year, young and old prepare their costumes from Christmas ... But do you know what the word CARNIVAL means and why is scheduled for this period?

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