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"In 2023, the museums and archaeological sites of Greece will open their doors to you free of charge.:

- March 6, in memory of Mélina Mercouri
- April 18 on International Monuments Day
- May 18, for International Museum Day
- June 5 during World Environment Day.
- The last Saturday of September for the European Heritage Days
- September 27, World Tourism Day.
- All public holidays 
- Sundays between November 1 and March 31
- The first Sunday of each month except for the months of July, August and September.
An article published by "the small newspaper of Athens". Don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter!

Epiphany in Greece

Also called Theophany, January 6 is worthily celebrated by the Orthodox every year, in a very original way....

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An original way to visit Athens, day or night! an article signed "Le petit journal d'Athènes" (remember to subscribe!)

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The island of Tilos, located in the Dodecanese, between Rhodes and Kos, is  the first island in Greece and the Mediterranean to operate completely autonomously thanks to renewable energies. An article "the Little Journal of Athens"

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SOME IDEAS - To occupy your happy toddlers in the Greek capital
An article signed "Le petit journal d'Athènes"
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Born in Athens in 1907, Nikos Engonopoulos  studied at the School of Fine Arts in Athens, having the famous Konstantinos Parthenis as a teacher. Main theme  of his research: Byzantine and post-Byzantine art, alongside Fotis Kontoglou. After a number of trips to Europe and studies in Paris, Munich and Italy,  he returned to Greece where   he worked in the education.

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Alain Lefevre, Pianist and Composer

"Sas Agapo" (I love you), this is the title of the pianist and composer's latest album Alain Lefèvre. A new opus – entirely inspired by the picturesque setting and depth of his days spent in Greece – which testifies to the passion that the Franco-Quebecois artist feels for the country where he chose to settle a few months ago.

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Inventions of the Ancient Greeks

We know a lot about the philosophy, mythology, history, theater and many other things of ancient Greece, but we know little about the technology of the ancient Greeks. The exhibition at the Herakleidon Museum (Athens) The Extraordinary Inventions of the Ancient Greeks aims to present this lesser-known aspect of the ancient world. We discover that the technology of the ancient Greeks is surprisingly similar to the first steps of contemporary technology, reinforcing the image of Greece as the cradle of Western civilization.
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The Greek sap that perfumes the world LE MONDE 
By Stephane Davet

On the Greek island of Chios, this resin has been cultivated since Antiquity to flavor liquors and pastries. A know-how listed as a World Heritage Site.

Maria's gnarled hands show her great-granddaughter how to clean and sort putty tears. Seated in front of large trays, under the facades with geometric figures traced in plaster and cement typical of the village of Pyrgi, the women take off small pebbles, dried leaves and bits of bark from thousands of translucent pearls. An aromatic resin, also called “mastiha”   (pronounced “mastica”), pride of the island of Chios since Antiquity.

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A new museum in the heart of the rebel island

A new emblematic museum, directly linked to an archaeological site, as is already the case for Vergina, Delphi and Olympia, will open its doors to the public in June 2016. This is the Elefterna Museum, located in the homonymous archaeological site Elefterna in Crete.

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