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They are beautiful, they are young, creative and combative ...
They talk to you about love ...
of their love for their island, Crete.
A fantastic message of hope.
The island of Crete 

An island with many faces constantly renewed ...

Remained more than four centuries under Venetian domination and two centuries under the yoke of the Ottoman Empire, Crete today conceals many architectural gems of great historical and cultural value.

The strength of the Cretan people ? A proud soul and sure values. Family above all, but also religious and human.

In 1897, the island obtained its autonomy, but remained under the protection of the great European powers.

This period of autonomy lasts until 1913, when Crete is officially united with Greece.


Themed Stays with a driver

I wish to participate a stay with a goal and a human scale :

from : 

730 €/person

Portrait de famille 5


As a couple, with my family or some friends,

I would like to discover Crete by myself, but without worrying about the organization :

From :

350 € /p



for companies

You wish to federate your staff, your salers, or to congratulate your partners and re-salers :

From :

600 € /p




You are a main teacher, or a leader in charge of an association, a comity, a company : let's us prepare together your next travel  :

From :



A must-see place

The Archaeological Museum of the Ancient Cityof Eleftherna, is not a large museum, but it is very important in terms of the elements it contains.

1,700 m2 of showrooms, warehouses and laboratories. In our opinion, one of the most beautiful museums in Greece, after those of Heraklio and Athens. Among the most interesting pieces, the Lady of Auxerre, a famous sculpture found in France. Homerfinally sees  his work attested and rewarded. To visit during your (re)discovery of Crete.


The local life

Creations, exhibitions, innovations, new signs have been appearing, giving hope to the local population.


After several years of heavy crisis, Greece is recovering and fighting.


New events are taking place everywhere in Crete, in Greece.


The first of them : the Carnival of Rethymno, which brings together thousands of visitors and lasts 3 days.


A new wind blows on the island, a combative youth fights for his country.


Crete, Land of Origins :

how does it work ? 

Crete, Land of Origins is a collective of Cretan companies wishing to gather their skills.

Their goal ? Promote direct economical benefits, without intermediaries.

By joining our collective, companies commit themselves to respect a quality charter.

Our selection criteria are essential :


geographical positioning, authenticity, freshness of the dishes for the taverns, the quality of the welcome, professionalism, sense of the listening and capacities of adaptation ...

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