They are beautiful, they are young, creative and combative ...
They talk to you about love ...
of their love for their island, Crete.
A fantastic message of hope.

Tourism in Greece :

Greece is undoubtedly the country in Europe which has obtained the best results regarding the management of the pandemic. The government continues to control the situation as well as possible, combining health security and economy. Just like the rest of Europe, we are undergoing a second lockdown. But far from the harassment of the media, the guilt, the anxiety that reigns elsewhere. The rules sound simple, logical and well understood.

Exemplary health security measures are applied (and respected) throughout the country. The vigilance of the medical authorities is present without being burdensome. When you arrive in Greece, you just feel ... safe.

Health report as of November 12 : 66,637 cases of coronavirus have been officially confirmed (vacationers included) and 959 people have died. The contamination is concentrated in the region of Attica and Athens. Flights to Thessaloniki are suspended.

All travelers (whatever their mode of transport) must complete the " P assenger L ocator F orm (PLF)" questionnaire at least 48 hours before their check-in / arrival: /. They will receive a "QR" code before their departure, which must be presented to health personnel. Tests can then be performed. Anyone arriving on Greek soil without this QR Code will be immediately sent back to their country.

Passengers on flights from Bulgaria , Romania , Sweden , Belgium , Spain , the Netherlands , Albania and the Republic of North Macedonia will be required to have a negative molecular test (PCR) result for COVID-19, performed for up to 72 hours before their entry into Greece. Certificates must be in English and bear the traveller's name and national identification number.


As always in Greece, life, benevolence, philotimo "remain preponderant.

Let's prepare together, now, your 2021 trip to Crete! The season starts in April. We need a return to basics more than ever.

Welcome to the "CRETE, TERRE D'ORIGINES" corporate collective website.

For 13 years, we have been aiming to offer DIRECT stays for individuals, small groups, companies, associations wishing to discover the soul of Crete.

Unique landscapes, humanity and natural benevolence, refocusing on the essential, authenticity and sharing, a legendary welcome from the locals and the discovery of the secrets of the famous regime (far, very far from an all inclusive vacation).

A parenthesis deserved and necessary for each of us.

So, if you have the soul of a REAL TRAVELER, join us and share our passion.

Themed Stays with a driver

19/04 / 2021- 8/11/2021

I wish to participate a stay with a goal and a human scale :

from : 

680 €/p


05/04 / 2021- 15/11/2021

From :

As a couple, with my family or some friends,

I would like to discover Crete by myself, but without worrying about the organization :

295 € /p


for companies

05/10/2021- 11/15/2021

From :

You wish to federate your staff, your salers, or to congratulate your partners and re-salers :

587 € /p



19/04 / 2021- 15/11/2021

From :

You are a main teacher, or a leader in charge of an association, a comity, a company : let's us prepare together your next travel  :

359 €/p

A must-see place

Le musée archéologique de l'ancienne ville d'Eleftherna, n'est pas un grand musée, mais il est très important quant aux éléments qu'il renferme.

1 700 m2 de salles d'exposition, d'entrepôts et de laboratoires. A notre avis, l'un des plus beaux musées de Grèce, après ceux d'Héraklio et Athènes. Parmi les pièces les plus intéressantes, la dame d'Auxerre, célèbre sculpture retrouvée en France. Homère voit enfin son travail attesté et récompensé. A visiter lors de votre (re) découverte de la Crète.

The local life

Creations, exhibitions, innovations, new signs have been appearing, giving hope to the local population.


After several years of heavy crisis, Greece is recovering and fighting.


New events are taking place everywhere in Crete, in Greece.


The first of them : the Carnival of Rethymno, which brings together thousands of visitors and lasts 3 days.


A new wind blows on the island, a combative youth fights for his country.

Crete, Land of Origins :

how does it work ? 

Crete, Land of Origins is a collective of Cretan companies wishing to gather their skills.

Their goal ? Promote direct economical benefits, without intermediaries.

By joining our collective, companies commit themselves to respect a quality charter.

Our selection criteria are essential :


geographical positioning, authenticity, freshness of the dishes for the taverns, the quality of the welcome, professionalism, sense of the listening and capacities of adaptation ...

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Crète, Terre d'Origines